Thursday, April 15, 2010

The New Pella is in the house!

Aside from the cheesy title (it's my blog so I can amuse myself with things like this), Reid and I installed a new pella window last night. The pella was purchased from Lowe's and installed in the 4th floor space. Historically, there were no windows on this side of the building (north wall) because another building used to be there. Since the space north of our building is now a vacant lot (that we also own), we deeded the two properties into one and can install windows for added daylighting.

The pictures really don't capture how pretty the new window has a dark red aluminum clad exterior that looks stunning next to the brick. The interior is unfinished wood with oil-rubbed bronze hardware. It's double-hung, historically appropriate, and we even made sure that it was made with one vertical divider down both panes - a replica of the original windows' design on the 2nd floor.
I know this is but a small accomplishment when looking at the whole scope of this project, but - wow! it brings such instant gratification!

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