Monday, January 19, 2009

There was a stove in the basement...until now!

Since we've owned the property, Reid and I have been perplexed about the stove in the basement.
We've asked each other questions like, "Why would someone drop a stove down the basement stair?" and "How will we get that freaking stove out of the basement?"
While the first question really has no acceptable answer, Alex & Eileen helped us answer the second question yesterday. From the top of the stair, we dug out 2 feet of trash mixed with construction debris and rotted wood stair (that used to be the basement stair). Then Alex used his sailing/boy scout/Brazilian skills to tie a Bowline knot around the stove so that he and Eileen could pull from above. Reid and I worked from below the stove, prying it up with a 7 foot prybar and 2x4s. After some significant frustration, a rat carcass, trash and more trash, and more cobwebs than a haunted house, we pried and pulled that darn stove right out of the stairwell!
Thanks Alex & Eileen for all your help! We couldn't have done it without you. Because of your help, we just might meet our goal of having the property trash-free by our 1-year anniversary on January 31st!