Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The 4th floor is all framed out, and it really feels huge now! Each floor of this property is approx 1100 sq ft. When it's a wide open space it feels smaller than now, with walls framed in showing the beginnings of the final product.

The fourth floor will include a roof deck, bathroom (toilet, vanity, shower), laundry room, 2 closets (one for utilities and one for storage), and a large bedroom.

This is a pic of the 4th floor bathroom. The ceilings are low on the 4th floor, only 7 to 8 ft tall (I can't remember exactly), but the skylight makes the space feel larger by adding natural light.

The guest bath on the 3rd floor is all framed out, as well. Reid and I realized that we had forgotten just how tall the ceilings are in this property! The ceilings get shorter as you ascend floors, but even though the third floor is shorter than the second, the ceilings are still approx 10'2".

We are just so happy to see the progress made in the past week. And we couldn't be happier with the design/layout.

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Energy

Maybe it's the groundbreaking of the Streetcar or maybe we're just getting restless from winter, but Reid & I hired a crew to resume work at 1700 Vine Street. Jim Martin and his crew have been busy framing out the fourth floor, building a two-story window, and finishing screwing down the trex boards on the roof deck.

And, despite all of this work, the cardboard pig has survived! This pig was in the building when we purchased it and has remained throughout the demolition and now some of the rebuilding. He has become kind of a mascot for the project.