Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1700 Vine has a new facade

The 2nd and 3rd floor windows are in and have really changed the way our building looks from Vine street.

The garage is nearly finished

Building the garage has turned out to be a green project. We reused the brick that we salvaged from the demolition of the condemned 1890s addition and reused the stone roof caps that we salvaged from the Hamer Street building when the roof was replaced/rebuilt 4 years ago.

 This is where these bricks started:

Thanks Andy & Ryan for helping us clean the brick!

New old windows from the interior view

The windows are not only beautiful from the exterior. The molding surrounding the second floor windows is complete, electric boxes for sconces between the windows are in place, and the plaster has been patched and primed. This one finished wall is a glimpse of the whole finished project. It's becoming easier to believe that this will be my living room in the relatively near future.