Saturday, April 10, 2010

the deck is practically finished...

...except for the actual decking (trex), which will likely be installed in the next couple of months by our all-star carpenter, Steve Berger. Steve and his crew proved how awesome they are when they ripped off the roof and raised it to accomodate the roof deck doors last fall. Below is a picture of his work.

Yesterday, Reid and I installed the two closet doors on the roof deck. We ordered the doors from Lowes, frames and all. Unlike the last door installation where we had to piece together the frames, hardware, and door mechanisms, these doors came intact and ready to set in place. And it was so easy! We installed both doors in a mere 2 hours! Prehung, ready-to-install doors really are the way to go. I see why new construction is so appealing.

The architect, Steve Hampton, designed the deck so that I would never have to drag deck furniture up and down 4 flights of stairs to our storage unit. There is ample storage built into the deck, so storing furniture during times of inclement weather is easy! And there's so much space that Reid is already devising a plan to install two beer taps.

The next question is what will be on tap!?!

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