Sunday, November 29, 2009

Revisiting the roof deck brick issues...

After the roof was torn off to reveal the roof deck, we realized that the top 3' of brick was loose and practically falling off.
We had debated whether to rebuild or take it down... Today we took it down!
And man, was it easy to take down. We were very careful on the wall that butts up against our neighbor, Skip's, roof.
But we didn't have to be so gentle on the other walls. Reid and I literally just pushed over 3' of rotten mortar joints.

We tuckpointed the remaining joints and fitted the old stone roof caps back onto the brick. They were no joke- very heavy to lift!

And now we have a really fantastic view of downtown, OTR, Mt Adams, and Mt Auburn! We'll defintely be able to see the fireworks on Labor Day!!!

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