Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's been a while, but we're still at it.

I had a 4-hour long certification test in toxicology that I had to take for work and studying for it really consumed a lot of my spare time over the past month.
But we're back to work this weekend and made some small accomplishments!

This weekend we rebuilt the broken chimney and tackled the reinstallment of the stone roof caps. These 150Lb+ stones were removed when the roof deck was built and had not yet been returned to their locations on top of the wall (mainly because we pushed off the top 3 feet of the wall). We thought ahead and used the lift (back in November) to bring them up to the 4th floor. Good thing, because some of the pieces are 6+ feet long and must weigh at least 150Lb.

Reid and I were able to lay mortar and place them back on top of the walls. And Reid rebuilt the chimney.

I started vacuuming the mortar joints to prepare them for new mortar and I was shocked to find several brick faces disintegrating into the vacuum! Masonry repair is certain to be the job that never ends...

New roof, rebuilt dormer with a Pella window, roof deck, skylights, and stone caps in place...this last picture actually looks like progress!

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ech said...

This is a great project and I wish you great success and look forward to following your renovation story.