Monday, June 1, 2009

Restoring the Original Transom Window

This past weekend we installed the original stained glass transom window above the front door!
The window was hidden behind plywood and several of the stained glass panes had been broken out. But Classical Glass on Main St was able to match the original glass shards and Reid reglazed, scraped and repainted the window! It's absolutely beautiful from the inside and now lets in so much natural light! We did cover it on both sides with plexiglass to prevent accidents during construction.

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chris wiedeman said...

Good thinking to cover it on the outside. i know it's not going to look great but a piece of tempered wire glass on the exterior would keep it safe until the neighborhood gets a bit better.

The Plexiglas glass will yellow as it ages, unless you've gotten a piece of Lexan which will not change color.

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