Sunday, February 15, 2009

Picking Paint Colors

Which looks better? Both paint schemes include a dark red color for the windows and a dark greenish-blue for the storefront and roofline.

The paint scheme on the left is a light blue for the brick, white trim and light gray around the windows. I originally had planned on white around the windows, but after applying it, thought it looked funny with the red windows. I put the light gray on to make it look more like stone.

The scheme on the right is a kiwi green color for the brick, with light gray trim on the side and around the window. Above the green scheme, I painted the trim white to see what it would look like with a white trim. The green is also a little more bluish in color by the white trim because I reused a paint brush with blue on it :)


Anonymous said...

I like the yellow (or green color) on the right!

Anonymous said...

the pic on the left, the more green color has a baby poop quailty that is not nice.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the blue. It's more classic and will stand the test of time better than the green. There are also a few renovated buildings in that area that have chose to go with garish colors that just would not have existed (like a bright purple?!). I say blue. but in the end. you have to go with what you want to come home to every day!

Unknown said...

I like the blue! But the green isn't bad, and I have only seen the photos, not the actual paint.