Sunday, August 3, 2008

Patching and Exposing a Brick Wall

Today Reid started tearing out a chimney in order to get some bricks that he can then use to "patch" a doorway. The doorway exited to the 1890's addition of the structure, the part of the structure that is condemned and that we're planning to tear down. The doorway will become a window in what is to become the 2nd bedroom.

I attempted to expose the brick on the interior of the same wall that Reid is patching.

The joy of demolition is not just getting covered in filth, but also realizing that everything takes longer than we think it will :) It's a good thing we're having fun!


Anonymous said...

you two just cant stop recycling!

whats the news on the condemned part of the place? im still unemployed, so if reid ever gets his wish to go at it with a pick axe let me know.

mark greeley

pkh said...

Mark, you're welcome to join us anytime! We have a pick axe with your name on it...