Sunday, June 6, 2010

basement clean up

Just when we thought we were done with trash, we remembered that we hadn't finished cleaning all of the trash out of the basement of the back building on hamer street.
A year and a half ago, we carted 6 trash cans worth of garbage out of the basement and felt so overwhelmed, that we locked it up and forgot about the remaining trash. The tear down of the 1890s addition destroyed the basement stair so we had to use a ladder to get the trash out. The floor is dirt and there are remnants of a homeless camp - scraps of carpet and clothing as bedding as well as plates, plasticware and empty cans of beer and faygo.

The basement is a lot cleaner now, although the dirt floor is still very unlevel and will need to be leveled before a concrete floor can be poured.

My hope is that one day this underutuilized 600 sq ft space will be home to a small wine cellar and Reid's work shop. But I'm getting a head of myself...before that happens, we'll need to install a stair to get in and out of it, waterproof it, and put in a floor. But it's nice to dream....

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